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Ginger Snaps – GF & Vegan

As I start experimenting with the idea of a vegan diet, I am happy to be having some success altering my gluten free recipes to make them vegan as well.  I came across a great cheat sheet to help beginner vegans bakers from PETA: How handy is this?  With these helpful tips in mind, I… Continue reading Ginger Snaps – GF & Vegan


Happiness Comes in Threes

A baby’s happiness is dependent upon three vital requirements: 1) A clean diaper 2) A full stomach 3) Sleep Without fulfilling these three requirements, a baby will not be happy.  More importantly, you cannot successfully accomplish meeting one of the requirements unless the other two are currently satisfied.  For example, today at lunch, Emily was exhausted.  Because she… Continue reading Happiness Comes in Threes