Dollar Store Hack – Shopkins Case


Meet Fiona Fries.  Fiona Fries is a Shopkin – a tiny collector toy that currently consists of four seasons with hundreds of characters such as Penny Purse, Cornell Mustard, Penny Purse and Posh Pear.  My kids love Shopkins and have a growing collection of their own, which I try to keep in a drawer in my daughter’s room but they frequently end up getting stepped on throughout the house or found under a couch or bed or between the couch cushions, etc, etc.

The Shopkins drawer

Shopkins offers a cute carrying case for around $20 but since I had a few of these dollar store plastic organizers used for a very long car trip to Florida (the idea was to put different snacks in each compartment to keep them busy but more ended up on the floor then in their mouths!), I thought I could somewhat replicate this case for less money.

Dollar store plastic organizers

Step 1: Organize Shopkin by category (i.e. Bakery, Hats, Shoes, etc.) and determine how many categories will go in each box.  I left room for additional Shopkin characters but as you can see, we don’t have too big of a collection (yet!)

Step 2: Most Shopkin sets come with a colourful list of all the cute characters within that particular season.  Cut out the characters you have and using masking tape, place the character’s picture into the bottom of one of the compartments.  I chose to put two characters per compartment since they would fit and I wanted to maximize the space in each case.


Step 3: Laminate the Shopkin list to place on the top cover of the box.

Step 4: Cut out each Shopkin category and using a hot glue gun, glue the picture of each category contained within the box.  I put four categories per box and placed two categories on the outside top and two categories on the inside top.  Finally, I decorated the boxes.

Voila!  My kids were really surprised when I showed them but I’m sure it would have been fun to have them take part in the process as well.  The kids really like to put each Shopkin back in their own compartment, which saves me from stepping on them throughout the house!


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