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Gluten free bread is normally dry, dense and expensive.  I have avoided making sandwiches for years due to the unappealing taste and texture of gluten free bread.  I am also shocked that gluten free bread is double or triple the cost of regular bread. Thankfully, a new bread has come along that brings me back to my non-celiac days.  Promise Gluten Free breads are the best gluten free breads I have tasted.  Currently, in Canada, you can find Promise Gluten Free breads at Metro grocery stores.  I am hoping they expand to other grocery stores soon.  They are priced around $5.99/loaf, which is about average for gluten free bread.  However, the price is totally worth the amazing quality and taste that you get.  Not only is this bread delicious but the nutritional values are much better vs. other gluten free breads.  Promise Gluten Free bread is significantly, lower in fat, higher in fibre and lower in sugar than other gluten free breads.  This makes this product a winning combination in my books.

I’d love to hear your option on this bread – please comment and let me know what you think!



  1. It is certainly the best I’ve had. I like the multi-grain and chia seed. They also have whole grain sandwich loaves that make good submarine sandwiches or hotdog buns. In Kingston, they charge $5.99 at Metro and the last couple of times they even had it on sale for $4.99.

  2. I just ate the raisin bagel. It was really good. I don’t remember what regular bread tastes like but I think it was pretty close. I like that is high in fiber and low fat like ref. Bread,

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