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The Best GF Pasta I Have Ever Tasted!

Garofalo Pasta

Gluten free pasta is now readily available in grocery stores and specialty stores.  Gluten free pastas are typically made from rice, corn or quinoa and normally taste pretty decent.  However, I never thought I could find a GF pasta that could substitute for the real gluten-full pasta that I miss from time to time.  Luckily, my parents (who recently switched to a wheat free diet), found a wonderful GF pasta called Garofalo.  Founded in 1789 near Naples, Garofalo pasta is synonymous with high quality and tradition.

Made from a great combination of corn, quinoa and rice, you would never guess that this pasta is gluten free.  My husband couldn’t even believe that he was eating gluten free pasta when I made spaghetti.  Garofalo pasta also keeps very well as leftovers (normally, other GF pastas don’t keep well for longer than a day as it can get quite stiff).

Garofalo pasta can be found at Nut n’ Gluten (store locations in Vaughan and Oakville).  It may be best to call ahead to ensure they aren’t sold out, as I am certain that once people try this pasta, it will be difficult to keep it on the shelves!!  If you live in the United States, also carries Garofalo pasta (unfortunately, they don’t deliver this product to Canada).

If you have seen this brand of pasta in your gluten free travels, feel free to comment on other stores that carry this brand as it would be great if everyone could enjoy Garofalo pasta!


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