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Warning!! Campbell’s Chicken and Beef Broth are no longer Gluten Free!

This weekend, my mom was preparing some delicious chicken noodle soup.  We both normally purchase Campbell’s Ready To Use Chicken Broth as it was gluten free in the past.  Thankfully, she read the ingredients before adding it to the soup and noticed ‘barley yeast extract’ as one of the ingredients.  As a result, she had to go out to the grocery store and purchase another brand (Kitchen Basics Chicken Stock).

In the past, barley yeast extract was not included as one of the ingredients in Campbell’s Chicken and Beef Broth and I have used it often in my gluten free cooking.  I wrote a letter to Campbell’s Company of Canada to inquire about the change in their ingredients and hope to receive a response soon (see letter below).  In the meantime, I recommend the following brands that offer gluten free stock options:

Kitchen Basics offers a variety of stocks including: chicken (regular and unsalted), beef (regular and unsalted), unsalted vegetable, fish, veal and turkey

Knorr Bovril offers gluten free chicken and vegetable stocks.  However, their beef stock contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, which is NOT gluten free

Aurora chicken bouillon mix, beef bouillon mix, basil and garlic bouillon, fish bouillon, mushroom bouillon and vegetable bouillon

– Walmart Great Value Brand chicken stock

– Compliments brand bouillon concentrate is gluten free (available in Sobeys, IGA, Fresh Co. and Price Chopper – Canada)

If you know of any other gluten free stocks or bouillon, please let me know so I can add to the list!


My letter to Campbell’s Company of Canada:

To Whom It May Concern:

I noticed that the ingredients in your ‘Ready To Use Chicken Broth’ and ‘Ready to Use Beef Broth’ have started to include barley yeast extract.  This is a big problem for me as I have Celiac Disease and cannot eat products made with wheat, barley and rye.  I used to incorporate your chicken broth and beef broth in many of my cooking recipes and have recommended it as a brand to purchase on my blog in the past (  Unfortunately, I have now had to revise my recipes that used to suggest using Campbell’s Ready to Use Chicken and Beef Broth.

I wonder if this ingredient is necessary as your Vegetable Broth does not include barley yeast extract and is therefore, gluten free.  From my understanding, yeast extract is normally used in very small amounts in products.  Unfortunately, even small amounts can affect someone who suffers from Celiac Disease.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Sincerely,  Katie Steinfeld


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