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Moxie’s Grill & Bar – Gluten Free Friendly!

Moxie’s is a Canadian restaurant chain with locations across the country (click here to find the restaurant nearest you).  I visited the location at Yorkdale Mall and was pleasantly surprised about how they handle allergies.  When I told the server that I had Celiac Disease, she immediately brought the manager over who told me that the kitchen deals with allergies all the time.  She told me to pick two or three menu items and she will then go to the kitchen to see which items can be made Gluten Free.  I chose the Ribs or the Chipotle Mango Chicken.  I was quickly informed that the Ribs could not be made gluten free due to the barbeque sauce but that the Chipotle Mango Chicken would not be a problem.  The meal was delicious and I was so comfortable knowing there wasn’t a concern that there may be gluten in the meal.

Moxie’s also posts it’s allergy guide on their website (click here for more information).  Although, from the guide, it looks like their are minimal options for a gluten allergy, the fact that the kitchen is willing to substitute ingredients and side dishes to accomodate your requests, opens up the options.

Although every single restaurant chain is managed differently, my hope is that each Moxie’s provides the same level of service and confidence in handling food allergies.  I invite you to comment on your experience at Moxie’s!

Moxie's Classic Grill on Urbanspoon


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