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Hey Lucy Cafe

There are so many great restaurants to visit along King Street West in the Entertainment District.  As you walk along the sidewalk, you are greeted by hosts for most of the restaurants, inviting you into their establishments.  I have to admit, I haven’t tried too many of these restaurants as I am concerned that most of them won’t cater to a gluten free diet.  However, I was happy to see that Hey Lucy Cafe offered me some great options.  Their delicious pizzas are available in a gluten free crust and their staff is very knowledgeable about gluten.  My favourite part of the meal was the appetizer – the chef prepared a custom gluten free antipasto platter with a variety of dips, grilled zucchini, portobello mushrooms and some gluten free pizza crust cut up like flatbread for dipping!

My Rating:

  • Taste: 5/5
  • Gluten Free Options: 4/5 – it would be nice if they offered gluten free pasta for some of their delicious looking pasta dishes
  • Price: $12 – $18 per dish
  • Server Knowledge: 5/5
  • Service: 4/5 – got a bit slow when it got busier

Restaurant Information:

Hey Lucy Cafe on Urbanspoon


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