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Gluten Free Rice Krispies!!!

Rice Krispies

I was shopping at Loblaws this morning and stumbled upon Gluten Free Rice Krispies!  I was shocked to see this new addition to my gluten free options.  I grabbed a box along with some marshmallows and made some Rice Krispy squares as soon as I got home!

It can be confusing to most people to think that regular Rice Krispies contain gluten.  Unfortunately, the original Rice Krispies cereal uses barley malt – a source of gluten.  The GF version of the cereal uses brown rice and eliminates the barley malt.  It is also produced in a separate facility so the risk for cross contamination is eliminated.

I found GF Rice Krispies at the Loblaws at 380 The East Mall (Etobicoke).  Please comment on this post if you have seen the cereal in other stores.


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Rice Krispies!!!

  1. Have you tried Holy Crap cereal yet? Google them and you’ll want to try it. (They were even on the Dragon’s Den.) I love it…I actually ordered a box of 6 packages for me (and to give as Christmas gifts). Totally Canadian, organic and gluten-free! Great with Oikos yogourt and blackberries.

    1. Hi Leisa! Thanks for your comment. I have tried Holy Crap cereal – saw it a few months ago at the grocery store and remembered it from Dragon’s Den. It is a great product. Thanks for the suggestion!

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