Gluten Free Products

Metro Grocery Store

Every Saturday morning before reading the newspaper, I always take out the flyers to see what the sales are for the coming week.  When I came across the Metro grocery store flyer (stores throughout Ontario and Quebec – click here for store locator) the entire last page was dedicated to their “Irresistibles” line of gluten free products.  I never knew they had such a line and from what I know, this is the first grocery store chain in the Toronto area to offer their own line of gluten free products.   This will make things more convenient as shopping for gluten free products at most grocery stores can be frustrating as there is never any consistency.  You can be confident that if a grocery store carries their own line of gluten free products that they will most likely stay consistent and be able to replenish their inventory much more frequently.

The other thing that surprised me was the price for these products.  For example, I rarely purchase gluten free bread crumbs from the store because they usually cost $7 – $8 for a bag.  I prefer to make my own bread and turn it into bread crumbs.  But at Metro, gluten free bread crumbs are only $3.49.  I also noticed much better pricing for their granola bars, cake mixes and pastas.

I guess my only concern is whether or not these products actually taste good.  There’s no sense getting too excited before I can be sure I will take advantage of these products.  Stay tuned for future blog posts about my Metro gluten free experiences!


2 thoughts on “Metro Grocery Store

  1. I have tried the bread crumbs and they were quite good. I have also tried the macaroni and cheese but found that the time that they put on the box to cook the pasta is not long enough. I have cook the pasta for the minimum amount of time and it was not cooked enough, I then tried it again and cooked it for the longer time and still found it not cooked. I would suggest trying to cook for another minute or two. But the cheese packet they had with it is pretty good.

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