Baby Steps

Christmas with the Steinfelds

Christmas is a time I look forward to each year where I can spend lots of time with family, relax, eat lots of good food and take my mind off our busy life for a few days.  Both Daniel and I were eager to get away this year to my parent’s house in Kingston for some much-needed R&R. 

We left Toronto on December 24th, exhausted from the previous week’s task of baking approximately 4,000 cookies for 50 gluten free Christmas cookie baskets that I sell online.  I was definitely not feeling 100% and Emily began to show signs of another cold as her nose began to run like a leaky faucet.  I hoped that a good night’s sleep in Kingston would be the cure for both of us. 

We stopped at a service station just outside of Toronto.  Daniel took Jerry out of the car and discovered Jerry’s regularly scheduled pile of puke that he kindly kept contained in his bed in the back seat of the car.  Daniel went inside to get as many napkins as possible to clean up Jerry’s mess as I took Emily out of her seat to change her.  As Emily and I made our way to the service station front door, Emily started to cough….a lot.  She coughed so much that the milk and grapes she enjoyed so much just an hour ago ended up all over both of us.  I stood outside of the service station unsure of what I should do.  I decided to go as quickly as I could to the washroom, which of course, was on the complete opposite end of the building.  Once I got to the washroom, I put Emily on the changing table and realized that this washroom was only equipped with hand dryers….no paper towel in sight.  Luckily, a cleaning person was close by to get me some paper towel so that I could clean us off the best I could.  Daniel managed to get my suitcase from the car, which was underneath all of Emily’s toys, her stroller and the Christmas gifts, to get some clean clothes.   Once we were clean, we got back into our pukey car and made our way to Kingston.

Unfortunately, the next few days were filled with even more sickness.  I managed to get so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed for two days straight while Emily was a misery, refused to be held by anyone except for Mommy and Daddy and stuck to a banana-only diet, which created a constipation problem towards the end of our stay.  Luckily, Daniel and my parents helped to nurse me back to health and by the time we were ready to leave, I was somewhat back on my feet.  Unfortunately, Emily and I managed to pass along our sickness to both Daniel and my Dad, who are both currently continuing our family streak of sickness for the 2010 holiday season.  Although this was not my ideal holiday vacation, I was happy to spend the time I could with my family. 

A small portion of the 4,000 cookies
My only Christmas photo...and it`s of the back of Emily and Poppy`s head. Guess they were too sick to pose for a proper shot.

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