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Around the Corner


Yesterday morning, Daniel, Emily and I went out for breakfast.  I read about this restaurant called ‘Around the Corner’ in Toronto Life Magazine (link displayed below).  It is an organic all day breakfast bar – completely gluten free, nut free and GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) free.  I find that our experience in these restaurants can only go two ways – very good (i.e. delicious food) or very bad (i.e. awful, tasteless, bland food).  I am happy to report that we had a very good experience.

Around the Corner is located at 132 6th Street in Etobicoke.  It is the most random looking restaurant on the outside.  The type of restaurant that is not clearly identified and you wonder whether it is open or not.  To top it off, the front door is actually an industrial sized freezer door, which makes you question what you are thinking by going in.  The decor on the inside is definitely interesting to say the least.  It is a combination of many different, extreme styles.  The restaurant seats about 40 on the inside with a patio on the outside, has quite a few high chairs on hand and has a very welcoming and friendly staff. 

The restaurant is owned by the same owner as The Village Butcher – a wonderful establishment that offers organic meats, cheeses and desserts.  It is conveniently located ‘around the corner’ to the restaurant at 2914 Lake Shore Blvd. West.

When I opened the menu, my eyes widened with excitement.  Each and every menu item sounded absolutely delicious and I could have any one of them!  Omelettes, eggs Florentine, biscuits & gravy (WHAT???), berry-stuffed french toast… could I choose!?!  I finally decided on their Banana Bread French Toast topped with lightly warmed bananas, organic maple syrup and served with fresh fruit.  Daniel chose the House Signature Daily Hash – water buffalo meat with sweet roasted peppers, carmelized onions, roasted potatoes, wilted spinach, a poached egg and a touch of house made hollandaise.  Both of our meals were absolutely delicious and Emily enjoyed eating both of our sides of fresh fruit.  I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a delicious breakfast.  It is such a treat to go to a place where you don’t have to worry about cross contamination or have only one or two options to choose from on the menu.  I will definitely be making a return to Around the Corner.

My Review:

  • Taste: 5/5
  • Gluten Free Options: 5/5
  • Price: $5 – $13 for a delicious breakfast dish
  • Server Knowledge: 5/5

Restaurant Information:

  • Address: 132 6th Street (at Lake Shore Blvd. W), Etobicoke
  • Phone: 416-503-9555
  • Website: no website
  • Type of Food: all day breakfasts

For more information, you can read the Toronto Life article –

Around the Corner Menu - Oct 2010


Banana Bread French Toast
House-Signature Daily Hash

Around the Corner on Urbanspoon

6 thoughts on “Around the Corner

  1. Thank you for the name of this restaurant. They are now open for the winter season on Sat. and Sun. from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. We are excited to take our 4 girls there for a Sun. brunch. All the best, Natalie

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