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Duinkerken Gluten Free Bread Mix Experiment

Last week, I decided to experiment with a ready-made gluten free bread mix to compare the results versus my homemade bread.  I avoid purchasing loaves of gluten free bread at the grocery store for two reasons – they are very expensive (around $7 for a small loaf) and they do not taste good at all.  The Duinkerken bread mix ( was less expensive (around $4.50) and looked easy to make.  The only additional ingredients required were quick rising yeast, water, two eggs, sugar and canola oil. 

This weekend, while Emily was napping, I made the Duinkerken bread.  The results?  The bread rose well and smelled great.  However, upon tasting the bread, it tasted  spongy and made me really thirsty.  A lot of gluten free bread tends to be quite dry, but this bread was way too moist.  This spongy texture was not ideal for sandwiches.  It tasted slightly better when toasted.

The final verdict?  The Duinkerken Bread is a good option if you cut it in slices, freeze it and toast it as needed.  It is a much better alternative than the gluten free loaves sold in stores.  However, if you have the time and patience, it definitely pays off to make your own bread (see my bread recipe –

Duinkerken bread mix - looks better than it tastes

5 thoughts on “Duinkerken Gluten Free Bread Mix Experiment

  1. I don’t know what happened to your bread, but mine turned out sooooo goood – better than any other gluten free I’ve tried. I just put everything in my Kitchenaid mixer (I forgot the sugar) and mixed it for about 3 minutes or so. I put it in the greased pan and let it rise for about 30 min. After baking for 45 minutes it came out just like ‘real’ bread. Was the oven hot enough? The texture of mine was perfect. Please give it another try in a different oven.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Faye! I tried to make the bread in my bread machine using the gluten free setting. I will try the oven next time and hope to get the same results as you!

  2. I did the bread machine (which I thought would work) and it was a disaster.I did manage to slice a couple of pieces from the bottom and toast it. It was very good tasting and the texture was rough just the way I like it, Next time I will do the oven as per directions. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Harold.

  3. Out of all the breads I have tried this is far the best. I buy the mixes by the case. I mix it by hand when it cools I cut it into slices and put wax paper between the slices and wrap it then put it in the freezer in two’s that way when I want a sandwich and just take in the morning for lunch….

  4. I have used this mix several times always with success on two different ovens. It is delicious and way better than any ready-made g/f loaves. I also use it for making a cake, delicious!

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