Baby Steps

What NOT to say to a mom

This afternoon, Jerry, Emily and I went for our usual afternoon walk to the park.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and it seemed warm enough to go without jackets.  Unfortunately, halfway into our walk, the wind picked up and the sun hid behind a big cloud.  It got a little cold and I silently scolded myself for failing to bring Emily’s jacket.  Fortunately, Emily continued to babble away in her stroller and did not seem affected at all by the cooler temperature.  When we arrived at the park, another baby was already swinging away, bundled in a hooded jacket with his grandfather.  The moment I brought Emily over to the swings, the grandfather took one look at Emily and said “she should really be wearing a jacket in this weather.”  I looked over at him and couldn’t help to say “Yah, I’m a pretty bad mother.”  His eyes widened and he responded by saying “I didn’t mean to suggest that!”  I smiled, nodded and continued to push Emily until the gentleman’s grandson started screaming, a high-pitched scream that upset Emily and made her cry.  Needless to say, our stay in the park was pretty short-lived. 

As a new mom, I have realized that every single mother does things differently.  Some moms bundle their children up in 30 degree weather, others insist on bathing their baby at night while others bathe their baby in the morning.  Nap times, meal times and play times are all different.  And sometimes, we just forget to be a little more prepared.  It happens – sometimes we forget extra diapers, sometimes its a toy and other times, a jacket.  We have a lot on our minds and the last thing a mom needs is criticism.  We are doing our best….trust us!!!

"Guess what! Jacob's mom doesn't let HIM climb up the stairs. How come I'm allowed? Is it because I have a bad mother??"

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