Baby Steps

The Miracle of Ketchup

After a week of rejected, homemade, pureed food I decided to venture down the dangerous path of making Emily her very own omelette.  I carefully chopped up zucchini, broccoli and onion into the tiniest of pieces, mixed it with an egg and topped it with cheese.  I hoped that Emily would not throw this masterpiece off her high chair like she has with every other piece of food I have tried to give her over the past week.  After the omelette cooled down a bit, I put Emily in her high chair and eagerly gave Emily a small piece of omelette.  She looked at it, then at me as if I was trying to poison her.  She reluctantly put the piece of omelette to her lips and sadly made her usual face of disgust.  I gave a slight sigh of disappointment and then it dawned on me – KETCHUP… love ketchup!  I went to the fridge, pulled out the magical red potion and put a small drop on Emily’s omelette piece.  She gave me another suspicious look but decided to humour me by trying the omelette again.  And this time?  Success!  As the ketchup touched her lips, her eyes widened, she smacked her lips and started to eat some of the omelette.  Now, I must admit that one third of this omelette landed on the floor for Jerry’s enjoyment, the other third was found half chewed in the bottom of Emily’s bib, but the last third was actually eaten by Emily.  I think that ketchup will quickly become my best friend at mealtime.  Thank goodness Emily enjoys fruit because I don’t think I could bring myself to top a grape off with a dollop of ketchup…….Yuck! that's what I'm talking about!
Soooooo good! What a great idea mom!
A successful omelette experience....with a little help

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