Baby Steps

Baby Proofing

Baby proofing is a never-ending task that becomes harder and harder to accomplish as Emily gets older.  When Emily first began to crawl, I purchased some baby gates and covers for the electrical sockets.  I naively thought that these two items would get me through most of my baby proofing responsibilities, until Emily’s sense of curiosity went into overdrive.  My cupboards and drawers are like a magnet to Emily as she yanks them open and empties the contents onto the floor.  I tried to baby proof the drawers with a latch that will only allow the drawer to open a few inches.  This latch proved more dangerous than the alternative as Emily’s attempts to open the drawer resulted in the drawer whipping back shut onto her tiny fingers.  As a result, I am now trying some homemade methods to baby proof our home. 

First, the knobs on the cupboard doors have now been tied together with elastic bands.  This is the cheapest and safest way to keep Emily out of the cupboards.  This is also the most frustrating way to keep me from being able to access the contents of the cupboards. 

Second, chairs and other heavy furniture have been placed in front of the drawers.  This is another cheap and safe method.  Unfortunately, most of these chairs are placed in front of drawers in the kitchen, creating an obstacle course as I attempt to cook. 

When I don’t feel like being an agility dog, weaving my way through obstacles in the kitchen, I let Emily go wild.  I remove the dangerous items from the cupboards and drawers within her reach and leave them open for business.  Emily stays content for hours as she rummages her way through dish towels, oven mitts and Tupperware containers.  She has so much fun, I question why I bother to buy her toys at all.  I can only imagine where her curiosity will take her once she begins to walk….oh boy! 

Emily on the loose.....Jerry supervises her mess

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