Baby Steps

Cars and Crumbs

I hate crumbs…especially the little crumbs that manage to grind their way into every little crack and corner of the backseat of my car due to Emily’s love of Cheerios and slight lack of hand/mouth coordination.  I always judged those people with cars that were littered with half-eaten cookies, crumb-infested seats and random Barbie accessories.  Would it kill them to take a few minutes to clean up this disgusting mess once in a while? 

Now that I am one of these dirty car people, I can confidently say that it might not kill me to clean up my car, but what’s the point?  This mess will simply reappear tomorrow when I try to keep Emily busy in the car with a snack or a toy.  So, I have come to the conclusion that the backseat of my car, at any given moment, will always contain at least five whole Cheerios, three grounded up Cheerios, a pacifier, milk stains on the leather seats and a couple of toys.  And if I am judged for this mess, so be it.  I would trade a clean car for a happy baby any day.

Cheerios: Mommy's nemesis and Emily's favourite snack

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