Baby Steps

The First Birthday

I cannot believe an entire year has passed since Daniel and I nervously ventured through the hospital doors of St. Joseph’s to welcome our baby girl into the world.  Emily was supposed to come via a planned c-section, but she decided to do things on her own terms and arrive three days early via an unplanned c-section.  Since this time, Emily has done things her own way and on her own watch.  From rolling over, to crawling, to standing, Emily insists on figuring it out by herself.  From here on out, I am confident that she will continue to be a strong, independent little girl.

Yesterday, we celebrated Emily’s first birthday.  I wanted to plan a first birthday party that was somewhat quiet, but once we decided on the guest list a few weeks ago, we knew that her birthday celebration would be the opposite of quiet.  There have been so many loving, wonderful family members and friends that have shared so many great memories with Emily over the past year.  And this is how our small, narrow townhouse ended up welcoming over 20 guests to celebrate Emily’s special day. 

Last night, as Emily slept soundly in her crib, exhausted from the day’s excitement, Daniel and I watched home videos from the past year – beginning with the night before Emily’s birth.  We couldn’t believe how our life has changed since that time.  Life may not be all about you anymore, but it is unbelievable how much one little baby can make you so happy.  Life has definitely changed for the better and I look forward to so many more special birthdays, new discoveries, proud achievements and memorable moments to come.


What a year it's been!!

3 thoughts on “The First Birthday

  1. Beautiful baby, beautiful family, beautiful birthday! Thanks for inviting us to be there. We were so happy to be part of the celebration.

    Mamie and Poppy Jr.

  2. What a wonderful page…. less than 3 weeks and it will be Aleksander’s 1st birthday. I can’t believe where the times goes. We are two very lucky and very caring and in love mommies. So nice to see.

    This page made me cry!

    Cheers to good mom’s. I always say to my mom, “The best mothers make the best mothers” So you must have a great one too Katie


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