Baby Steps

Worst Mother Ever

Last week, I have had the opportunity to reverse roles with my husband – while I take a real estate course in Ottawa, he is hanging out with Emily in a hotel.  This evening, Daniel went golfing with my brother, giving me the chance to have some much-needed mother-daughter time with Emily.  This precious time quickly took a turn for the worst.  It started with an explosive diaper….the type of disaster that blows through the diaper, down the legs and up the back.  The type of diaper where you stand holding your baby out in front of you as you contemplate how to proceed with the least amount of damage to your clothes and everything around you.  Once I finally managed to clean everything up, I decided to quickly dispose of the diaper in the garbage chute outside our room.  I quickly ran out of the room, threw it down the chute and realized that I was in a hotel…..the type of hotel that has the added security feature of automatically locking doors.

I panicked.  I ran across the hall to the nearest door and pounded until somebody opened the door.  The gentleman who opened the door had his shirt off and was obviously not expecting visitors.  I asked him….or demanded…that he call the front desk and get somebody to open my door immediately.  I capped off my demand by admitting that my baby daughter was in the room by herself.  The man gave me a look of “how can you be so irresponsible??” but quickly complied with my request.  I ran back over to my room, put my ear to the door and tried to listen to sounds of Emily’s unexpected freedom.  I didn’t hear very much, which made me even more worried.  A hotel staff member FINALLY arrived with a key in hand….I never knew 3 minutes could last so long.  As he opened the door for me, I said: “I know…I’m the worst mother ever.”  I opened our door and sighed a big sigh of relief.  Emily was sitting in a pile of about 50 diaper wipes that she managed to pull out of the package.  She looked over at me and smiled as if to say: “Oh there you are mom!”

Emily and I spent the rest of the evening safe and sound in our hotel room.  Next time we have an explosive diaper incident on our hands in a hotel room, the diaper will be put in the garbage can in our room….no matter how smelly the situation.

Safe and sound? Hah...that's what she thinks. First she locks me in the room and now she's asleep...what kind of mother do I have??!?!

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