Baby Steps

Toilet Tales

What room of the house gives Emily the most enjoyment?  I’ll give you a hint….it’s the same room my husband enjoys the most.  You guessed it…the bathroom!  While Daniel’s enjoyment may stem from the 15 or so Sports Illustrated Magazines stacked in our bathroom to help pass the time, Emily’s enjoyment comes from a very different place. 

First, the toilet bowl is very intriguing to a baby.  The few times that the toilet seat is down in our house, the top becomes a great drumming surface to help improve Emily’s musical talent.  And of course, when the toilet seat is up, Emily’s hands start splish splashing away in the water.  Although I do make an attempt to clean the bathrooms as often as I can, that toilet bowl water can’t be too sanitary for those little hands.  The toilet bowl also provides a great balancing aid for Emily to reach the toilet paper.  Those double sized rolls definitely hold a lot of toilet paper…..maybe I should consider only purchasing the single rolls from now on.  Finally, the garbage pails are another interesting toy…especially when Emily manages to spill out the contents all over the floor for her and Jerry to rummage through.

So, for all of you new moms whose babies are exploring more and more – keep those toilet seats down, remove the toilet paper from easy grasp and keep the garbage hidden.  Then again, it does keep them pretty entertained while you need to dry your hair or put on your make-up.  There just might be a bit of clean up afterward.

Little Drummer Girl
"Now for my next me balance with one hand and grab the toilet paper with the other"
"Hey Jerry...wait for me to help you go through that garbage!"

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