Baby Steps

Meet “Teething Emily”….Emily’s Alter Ego

Emily’s first two bottom teeth came in like a light, airy breeze.  She displayed only little amounts of discomfort on their arrival.  I naively thought to myself that this teething thing wouldn’t be so bad after all. 

Unfortunately, I encountered a completely different scenario this past week when Emily’s giant, painful top two teeth came piercing through her sore gums.  Emily turned into a different baby – she was miserable, ran a fever, didn’t want to eat, woke up every hour at night and worried me sick.  I didn’t realize that this was the reality of teething.  Now I know that the bottom two teeth are the least painful of the twenty that eventually come through. 

When someone asks me if I’d rather hear the good news or bad news first, I always choose the bad news.  This way, I get through the tough stuff first and then can look forward to something more positive.  This is how I would prefer to get through teething – start with the most difficult teeth and then progress to the least painful.  This way, I can prepare myself for the worst and be surprised when the next teething round is not as painful.  I guess Emily might look a LITTLE ridiculous with an entire mouthful of teeth except for the bottom middle two….it would be an interesting look, don’t you think?

Oh well.  So, now I prepare myself for “teething Emily” to rise out of the shadows from time to time when a new tooth decides to rear its ugly head…or crown.  Four teeth down…….sixteen more to go.   

Ouch..this teething thing isn't so fun, Mom.

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