Baby Steps

Testing My Sanity

This weekend, my sanity was pushed close to its breaking point.  I have been trapped in a house of invalids for the last 48 hours and I can’t escape.  Take a quick glance at the picture below and imagine being trapped in a house, on a rainy, humid day with these three crazies:

My Three Stooges

Stooge #1: Daniel, my husband.  If you read my previous post, you would know that Daniel’s eye is scratched from our daughter’s ‘unmanicured’ finger nail.  Now, I must first say that Daniel is currently in a lot of pain – a scratched eye is nothing to laugh at.  However, I still laugh a bit because I know that once Daniel’s eye heals, he will look back at this experience and laugh with me (I hope!).  Anyway, Daniel has been unable to open his good eye, as this leads to a significant amount of pain to his scratched eye.  This means that Daniel is bumping into walls,  missing his mouth when he eats, and giving me a heart attack whenever he walks down the stairs.  Finally, the pain relievers that the doctor has prescribed have made Daniel extremely tired and a little crazy. 

Stooge #2: Emily.  I truly believe that the goal of most 11 month old babies is to make mommy crazy.  Her inconsistent behaviour has been exaggerated over the past couple of days with that pesky little front tooth breaking through her gums.  Mommy’s gourmet, pureed meals are spit out to make way for pounds and pounds of blueberries and Cheerios, napping is non-existent, and her mood is like a teenager’s – up one minute and down the next.  And of course, her fear of eye patches isn’t helping.

Stooge #3: Jerry – our cute, loud, hyper dog. Jerry definitely loves to push your buttons.  He has this keen sense of knowing when you are close to your breaking point and then pushes you over your limit.  Jerry barks at the wind blowing in the trees, enjoys secretly pooping in random areas of our house and loves to tear off the little eyes of Emily’s stuffed animals.  While I can usually handle his unique personality, when you add two more stooges to the mix, it doesn’t fare well for my sanity.

So, here they are….my three stooges.  They may enjoy pushing my limits, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.  Hopefully next weekend will be better for all of us.

Stooge #2 - too many Cheerios, not enough sleep and a pirate for a Dad. Can you blame her for being so crazy??

One thought on “Testing My Sanity

  1. It’s actually me
    That was hysterical & brilliant at tjhe same time.Moe, Larry and Culey would be proud (Nyuk Nyuk)
    The Three Stooges is my coice 4 “top blog”

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