Baby Steps

Baby Manicure

Baby finger nails are a deadly weapon.  Just ask my husband…..Emily singlehandedly or should I say ‘singlefingerdly’ managed to scratch Daniel’s cornea this morning.  I thought he was just exaggerating his injury at first (sorry honey), but when he came home from the walk-in clinic looking like a pirate, I realized that there was some legitimate damage done to his eye.

At birth, babies desperately need a baby manicure.  Their finger nails are surprisingly long, and it is not suprising to see newborns wearing little mittens for the first few weeks as cutting those little finger nails is a challenging task that sleep deprived parents should not attempt. 

Cutting baby finger nails requires patience, an ability to lovingly pin your baby down in a way that they can’t move, and lots of time.  In addition, these nails have a way of growing unevenly so that one part of the nail is always sharp.  So, keep those finger nails short and watch out for your armed and dangerous baby.  They can strike when you least expect it!

Daddy's little armed and dangerous princess

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