Baby Steps

Sippy Cup vs. Bottle

Week one of weaning Emily is currently in progress.  Emily’s doctor suggested to put the milk into a sippy cup so she doesn’t rely on a bottle.  Luckily, Emily has always enjoyed her sippy cup and thankfully she seems to like the taste of milk.  Unfortunately, while Emily can normally blast through a bottle of milk, the milk takes a lot longer to disappear in a sippy cup.  The quest to get Emily to completely drink her afternoon milk starts around 2pm in the afternoon and ends just after dinner.  Of course, I am now worried that Emily will never get enough milk as compared to when she was nursing.  Consequently, my mommy paranoia kicks in as I Google “can babies get osteoporosis from a lack of calcium?” and other ridiculous searches.  Thankfully, it seems as though this is a common problem with babies and you just have to keep trying……and that’s what we’ll do.

This is like the sippy cup that keeps on giving! How much milk is in this thing, Mom??

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