Baby Steps

Oh What A Night……

This is what happens when you are in a rush to eat dinner.  When you are absolutely starving, have a cranky baby on your hands and have decided to make a new recipe for dinner that involves way too many steps.  How did this happen, exactly?  Well, a glass top to a casserole dish fell off the shelf onto a large measuring cup of crushed tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, a pan of sizzling onions, a toaster….you get the picture.  The glass shattered into a billion pieces, including all over me.  Luckily, nothing hit Emily, who was happily jumping away in her jumperoo on the other side of the kitchen.

Once the glass shattered, I stood in the centre of the mess, slightly bloody and a little frustrated…well, maybe a lot frustrated.  Any step in any direction would result in a lot of pain.  The most disheartening was the work I put into making dinner – chopping up onions, garlic and basil, measuring out ingredients, all while trying to entertain Emily – all of this effort was destroyed.  Luckily, Daniel was home to corral Jerry out of the kitchen, move the bouncy baby a little further out of the way, and get the vacuum to start the clean up.   

Once the clean up was complete, I found a small bit of energy left to continue with dinner preparations.  Dinner lasted about 5 minutes – partly because we were starving and partly because it was way past someone’s bedtime. 

To cap the night off, Emily accumulated a large amount of poop in her diaper during the dinner debacle.  This poop seeped out onto my arm while I was nursing her.  I didn’t know what this strange, brown, smelly mess was until I lifted up Emily’s shirt to discover the poopy explosion.  Luckily the mess was mostly contained within her diaper and luckily, Daniel is the one to change Emily at the end of the night!   My only hope is that Jerry will not contribute to this disastrous night….let’s cross our fingers!


2 thoughts on “Oh What A Night……

  1. Oh, Katie, this reminds me of the night your dad made the Zucchini Potato Skillet Bake (I think that was the name of it), and he dropped it on the floor and broke the casserole dish; or I freaked out when I couldn’t get the pancakes to slither out of the frying pan, and banged the pan on the counter while screaming for, oh, a good three minutes. Nothing is worse than this when you are all hungry and your work has gone for naught. That’s when you feel like grabbing the big bag of chips and 200-ml Coke and saying to heck with all this healthy eating, I’M STARVING. Good post.

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