Baby Steps

The Jumper

This is my favourite summer outfit on Emily – the jumper.  This outfit has been a big trend this season for women and although I would love to own a bigger version of Emily’s outfit, I can’t bring myself to buy one.  I tried one on a couple of months ago and saw a 29-year-old trapped in an outfit much better suited for someone 10 years my junior.  This is the first time I realized that I was too old for a certain style.  Once you become a mother and start creeping into your 30s, you begin to realize that jumpers, cut off shorts and mini skirts just don’t seem right anymore.

I was always thankful that my own mother never tried to dress too young for her age.  She has always had a classic, beautiful and age appropriate sense of style.  I always shudder to think of those mothers who appear on Dr. Phil who find it appropriate to dress like their scantily clad teenage daughters.  In my opinion, it is inappropriate to be scantily clad at any age.   However, I do enjoy Dr. Phil psychoanalyzing the heck out of these mothers to find out the “root cause” of this inappropriate clothing.  The most entertaining, however, is when these women get the typical “mom makeover” – turtle neck, short hair cut and some ugly shoes and promise their daughters to never go back to their old ways (yah right).

I hope that by dressing appropriately and saving my daughter from any future embarrassment that I will never have to suffer through a “mom makeover” and that Emily will not push the limits too much with her own wardrobe.  For now, I continue to enjoy dressing Emily myself with no arguments – although, I am certain that this will change soon!


One thought on “The Jumper

  1. Love Emily’s jumper, as well. And I have always admired your classy, elegant sense of style and desired to emulate it on so many levels.

    My own mom always dresses with elegance, as well. No sweat shirts and t-shirts for that lady. She always looks lovely and soft and feminine.

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