Baby Steps


Emily has managed to turn our entire house upside down.  The amount of toys seem to increase week by week, the dirty diapers are producing a lovely smell throughout the entire house and the laundry is piling up by the second.  On top of that, she manages to destroy anything that is within her crawling path.  Emily thrives amongst unknown territory.  She is no longer satisfied by sitting and playing with her toys in the designated play areas of our home.  She would much prefer to pull things out of drawers, rip newspaper or magazines, unroll the toilet paper and go through the garbage.  I have nicknamed her “Destructo” and there is no space in our house that she will leave untouched.  I always thought that I would be able to contain Emily’s messiness to her room but every single room in our house has been left with Emily’s print of destruction and unfortunately, I cannot keep up with her!  I clean up during her nap time, only to surrender to “Destructo’s” wrath once she is well-rested and eager to take on more uncharted territory within our house.  You better watch out…..Destructo may come to your house next!

Now, these are the empty garbage bags. How can I go about getting ahold of the full garbage bags? Those are SO much more interesting.

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