Baby Steps

Veggies & Fruits

Introducing solid food to Emily has been a fun and messy experience.  If you search for advice on this topic, most people will recommend feeding vegetables to a baby first so that they are more likely to accept them.  As a new mom, I followed this advice, giving Emily cooked carrot, sweet potato and squash.  However, I quickly realized that I was only delaying the inevitable.  Once Emily got her little paws on some fruit – blueberries, melon, banana – her sweet tooth quickly developed, making it difficult to feed her veggies.  While pureed vegetables are usually acceptable to Ms. Emily, the veggies that are used as finger foods are typically dismissed.  Emily humours me at times by sticking a small piece of carrot in her mouth.  I realize that this attempt at making me happy was a trick as I will usually find the chewed up carrot in the bottom of her bib or on the floor for Jerry.

I guess all I can do is continue my attempts at developing Emily’s taste for veggies.  But let’s face it, if I was asked to choose between a sweet, delicious and refreshing slice of watermelon or a bland piece of cooked carrot, I would choose the watermelon.  Wouldn’t you?

Awww.....Mom! Carrots again?? Why don't you just give up and give me some blueberries??

One thought on “Veggies & Fruits

  1. I like the line about finding the chewed up carrot in the bottom of her bib or on the floor. Jerry is going to be a very healthy little dog with all that roughage coming his way!

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