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Babies on a Plane

I never saw the horror movie “Snakes on a Plane”, but if it’s just as scary as being stuck on a plane with an active 10 month old on your lap, I would consider watching it.  On our flight to Prince Edward Island last week, Emily and I were lucky enough to have an entire row of the plane to ourselves.  Emily happily sat in her car seat, looking out the window while Mom read her book.  Unfortunately, the same luck didn’t come with our return flight to Toronto last night.   When I finally emerged from the plane, exhausted, thirsty, smelly and with a desperation to go pee, I had to ask myself a few questions:

1. Why did I decide to wear a dress that was next to impossible to nurse Emily in a discreet way?

2. Why couldn’t Emily wait to nurse until we were off the plane, like I had originally planned? 

3.  Why didn’t Emily want to sleep in my arms?  Why didn’t she want to sit on my lap?  Why did she not want to play with ANY of the toys I brought on board for her? 

4.  Why did the flight attendant choose to not offer me a drink?  Bouncing a 21 pound baby up and down on your lap can be quite tiring and a nice glass of water…..or something a bit stronger would have been nice. 

5. Why did Emily poop 3 times that day?  Why did one of these incidents occur the moment the plane took off and the moment that the two people sitting next to me fell asleep?  Why do baby’s poopy diapers smell so badly….especially when you are trapped in a stuffy plane with the poopy diaper inches from your nose for a two-hour period?

6. Why didn’t I go pee before the flight took off? 

Emily has been on a total of 8 flights so far in her short life and I have learned that the older she gets, the more difficult it is to keep her entertained and happy on the plane.  I sometimes miss the days when Emily would simply fall asleep in my arms.  Unfortunately, those days are behind me and I will just have to prepare myself better the next time. 

En route to PEI - an entire row of the plane all to ourselves and a happy baby in her own seat!
"Umm....Mom....maybe you should change before we go on the plane tonight. I think I may get a bit hungry."
"This Cow's ice cream is sooo delicious but I might have a few extra poopy diapers for you, Mom."

2 thoughts on “Babies on a Plane

  1. Three poops in a day? Noooooo. I feel for you, because my sense of smell is incredibly sensitive, as well.

    And there is nothing worse than getting your hopes up that the plane seat beside you will be empty. That could be whether you have a little one or are just on your own and prefer not to sit rigidly beside someone for two hours, afraid to put a bit of flesh on the armrest for fear of invading someone else’s space.

    In the olden days, there used to be special arrangements made for moms travelling with babies. Airline companies would book them in the bulk head (front row) or the exit row seats, where there was a little bit of extra room. For a while, there were even portable cribs that could hook into the bulk head so a baby could actually sleep, if he or she so desired, or at least stretch out.

    Sigh. Those days are gone.

    The thing that killed me was that you had to remove your shoes and put them through the scanner in order to get through security. Those little pieces of leather and buckles? Are you kidding?

    Sigh. Being a new mommy ain’t what it used to be – and MY mom said that to me when they kicked me out of the hospital a day after giving birth to David, with 23-month-old baby Katie at home waiting.

    They used to keep a new mom resting for TWO weeks in the hospital, mom tells me.

    Jeez. Women’s work – never done.

    Just know that you are doing an incredible job and we are so proud of you and Emily.

    And we miss you. Dreadfully.

  2. Sometimes not matter how much you plan or try to minimize incidents with young children, shit (pun intended) happens. It does get easier the older they get. You can usually reason with children when they reach the age when they can communicate verbally.

    On the other hand, maybe she was just making you pay for ripping her away from her Mamie and Poppy. 🙂

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