Baby Steps

Packing for Two

Emily and I are packing to visit her grandparents in Prince Edward Island.  Packing is a skill that develops quickly with motherhood.  You learn to only bring the bare minimum for yourself – extras are left behind to accomodate for the more important things – diapers, bibs, toys, food, etc.  Gone are the days of packing my entire closet into a huge suitcase.  My husband no longer asks if I really need a pair of shoes for each day of vacation.  So the next time you see a mom walking through the airport with a huge suitcase, remember that 10% of the contents are actually hers….the rest belongs to the baby.

Let's pack a few more diapers....just in case.
Are these an extra pair of shoes, Mom? We might need to take these out to make room for my toys.

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