Baby Steps

Noisy Naps

My biggest pet peeve has to be noises, loud or quiet, that disturb Emily’s nap.  I make a concerted effort each day during nap time to tip toe quietly around the house, to refrain from using any loud appliance and to keep the phone close by so that it will only ring once.  Unfortunately, after all of this effort, the world seems to come alive the moment Emily’s eyes close.  Salespeople ring our door bell, advertisements fly through our mail slot prompting Jerry to freak out, landscapers feel the need to mow the lawn in front of our house and the garbage truck decides to loudly rumble down our street.  So, while I am in the house cursing every creek in the floor, contemplating a shower or using the hair dryer, the world goes on with little regard for nap time. 

How do you expect me to get my beauty rest with all of this noise??

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