Baby Steps

Good Cop Bad Cop

This afternoon, I interviewed a potential babysitter (PB) for Emily.  The search has been difficult as I am pretty picky when it comes to this subject.  Fortunately, I met a wonderful, sweet woman with excellent references.  Before PB’s arrival, Emily and Jerry had a secret meeting by Jerry’s water bowl to discuss their plan of attack.  They chose their roles carefully – Emily would be the good cop, and Jerry, the bad cop.  They played their roles beautifully.

Emily (good cop) was happy, shared her toys and didn’t play strange to the nice lady.  As for bad cop, Jerry?  Well, he had me worried that this woman would never come back to our house again.  He started the interview by barking and jumping at PB the moment she arrived.  While this is typical Jerry behaviour, I didn’t want PB to think that this is what she would be dealing with all of the time.  I assured her that Jerry only acts like this when somebody first comes to the house and he settles down eventually.  Well today, he did not.  Jerry continued to bark non-stop, stole Emily’s toys, jumped up and insisted on getting all of our attention.  I tried to block him behind a baby gate on the stairs but his high-pitched, head-numbing barking could not be tolerated.  I let him back out and Jerry ran over to PB and Emily, squatted between them, and peed…..a very long pee.  I looked at PB and her eyes widened as she couldn’t believe what was happening.  I had no idea what to do.  You can’t just pick up a dog that is peeing, so I waited, and waited until he was finished.  Then I picked him up and placed him/threw him on our deck.  I assured PB, once again, that this behaviour was not normal for Jerry.  I could only hope that she would believe me.  When PB left the house, Jerry and Emily both agreed that PB past their little initiation into the Steinfeld home and agreed that she would be welcome back to take care of Emily.  Let’s cross our fingers that she will accept our invitation! 

Jerry: "That was fun, sis. I like being the bad cop. It suits my personality, don't you think?"

One thought on “Good Cop Bad Cop

  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    This was a riot. Thank you, Jerry, for the best laugh of the week. Or month.

    What a pair of co-conspirators. They look very pleased with each other.

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