Baby Steps

What goes up, must come down

Today, while Emily was supposed to be taking a nap, she was busy trying to figure out how to stand up in her crib.    She successfully figured it out on her own, but unfortunately, she didn’t think how she was going to get back down until it was too late.  A loud shriek blasted through the baby monitor and I ran up to Emily’s room as this scream was not like the typical “I do not want to nap right now” type of cry.  When I burst into the room, Emily had a look of fear on her face as she stood up in her crib not knowing what to do.  I stood there, staring at her with shock, as she looked at me and cried.  What did I do next?  Well, being the responsible, loving mother that I am, I told her to stay where she was while I ran downstairs to grab the camera (poor girl!).  I just had to capture this moment on camera.  

All of a sudden, the baby who hasn’t quite grasped the co-ordination of crawling has managed to figure out how to stand up.  I am continually surprised at how quickly a baby can grasp a new skill and it usually happens when you aren’t expecting it.  This is part of the excitement of parenthood and I can’t wait to see what Emily will surprise me with next. 

Help me out, Mom! I figured out how to get up, the least you could do is help me get back down!
This is serious! This is not a photo op! What kind of parents are you?!?!

2 thoughts on “What goes up, must come down

  1. Aww. Good work, Emily.

    New stages are always kind of frightening, especially when you realize that what was once your comfort zone has now become far too restricting! Before you know it, she will be vaulting the rails and grabbing the camera for herself.

  2. There will be a multitude of firsts — some frightening, some happy, and some sad. Keep capturing those moments. They will be an invaluable source of memories and something that you will be able to share with Emily for years to come.

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