Baby Steps

Moms vs. Germs

New moms can spend their entire days obsessing over germs and dirt.  We do everything in our power to keep our little ones from being exposed to the big bad ugly germs that could attack at any moment.  As the months go by, the energy, time and worry that goes into sanitizing every single surface, toy and baby body part becomes too much to handle. 

As Emily becomes more mobile, she is coming into contact with all sorts of dirt and grime that I just can’t control.  While Emily has still not grasped the full crawling motion, she is slithering her way across all of the floors in our house.  Our floors SEEM clean, but when I pick Emily up from her floor adventures, I quickly realize that there is a lot more dirt than I thought.  She is my little Swiffer Sweeper.  Although I will make more of an effort to keep our floors in a cleaner condition without Emily’s help, I realize that crawling on dirty floors, dropping pacifiers on the ground, dogs licking baby’s face and chewing on a tasty flip-flop have become regular daily activities that cannot be avoided.  So let’s try to spend less time with the Clorox wipes and more time with our slightly dusty and dirty babies.  It’s more fun that way.

Ooooh....this part of the floor looks extra dusty.
And you really want me to believe that you just cleaned these floors??
It's ok, Mom...floors are all clean now. Hope I didn't miss a spot!

2 thoughts on “Moms vs. Germs

  1. Ha. Emily looks like a little slithering little seal here, especially in the second picture. Just dress her in brown and spray a little floor cleaner on her – she’ll do the job for you!

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