Baby Steps

Miss Independent

Over the past several weeks, Emily and I have established a great meal-time relationship.  I scoop the food and she happily eats it.  Messes have been minimal, Emily’s stomach is satisfied and Mommy is content knowing that her daughter is eating well.  Unfortunately, this string of good eating fortune has come to a halt this week.  Our Miss Emily has become Miss Independent as she insists on feeding herself.  Meal time has become a food fight with Jerry as the winner in this three-way match.  Emily uses her cat-like reflexes to grab onto the spoon, yank it from my hand and fling most of it on the ground.  The only source of solid food Emily will eat are finger foods that I place on her tray – blueberries, cheese, Cheerios. 

I know that this is the first step of Emily’s quest to become independent and do things on her own.  Although her need for independence can be frustrating at times, I smile to myself knowing that this strong little personality will enable her to reach many accomplishments in life.  For now, I will wear an apron at meal time and Jerry will reap the rewards of Emily’s pursuit of independence.

"I can figure this out on my own. Just bring me some blueberries and Cheerios in the meantime."

2 thoughts on “Miss Independent

  1. LOL. I love the splotch of pureed food on the back of her chair just to the left of her head. Looks like her aim isn’t too good yet! I also like your appreciation and understanding of her “strong little personality.” She looks very determined to figure it all out.

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