Baby Steps

Toothpaste & Toothbrush – Milestone #789

Emily has finally acquired not one, but two bottom teeth within the past week.  While other babies were sprouting up teeth as early as three months, Emily weighed the pros and cons of teeth and decided that she could probably wait a little longer for this painful milestone. 

Now that there are two white Chiclets skimming the surface of Emily’s gums, is brushing teeth another task we need to add to the daily baby to-do list?  Apparently, yes it is.  This task SHOULD have been started within the first few days of Emily’s life according to the Canadian Dental Association.  Well, I guess I messed that one up…..sorry Emily.  We will get back on track starting with a trip to the store to pick up a baby toothbrush….or gauze (as some websites suggest).  The debate is still out about baby toothpaste as there is differing opinions about its use.  If I were Emily, I think I’d enjoy the tooth brushing experience a bit more with some bubblegum flavour in my mouth.  In any event, brushing Emily’s teeth should be an interesting, potentially painful (if using gauze) and messy (if using toothpaste) experience.

Show you my teeth? I would love to except my mother decided not to brush them. What an embarrassment!

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