Baby Steps

The Decision

To go back to work, or not go back to work….that is the question.  The answer for me?  Well, I have finally decided not to go back to work.  This is my final answer.  I confirmed it today with my boss.

Every single mom is confronted with this decision at least once in their lives.  This is one of the most difficult decisions to make as it directly impacts your family, your financial situation, your career and your life.  Even when the decision is made, you will wonder if you have made the right choice.  Unfortunately, you will never know. There are pros and cons to both scenarios and all you can do is continue on with your life knowing that what you choose is the best decision for you and your family.  If you stay at home, people will think all you do during the day is watch Oprah and get your nails done.  If you go back to work, people will think you are neglecting your baby – somebody will always have an opinon for you.  Just remember that you have a beautiful baby that loves you unconditionally….whether you stick them in daycare or force them to hang out with you all day.

That's right - my days are spent lounging on the deck, watching my stories and catching up on my celebrity gossip. What else would a stay at home mom do?!?

One thought on “The Decision

  1. It is a difficult decision. Rest assured that the decision you make (whatever it may be) is always the right one because after weighing all of the pros and cons, you make the choice that is best for you and your family. The rest of us will benefit from your blog posts filled with epicurean delights and Emily’s ongoing challenges and victories.

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