Baby Steps

Wanting what we can’t have

Even at a very early age, we want what we can’t have.  As we speak, Emily is making her way over to Jerry’s water bowl.  Although she is surrounded by expensive, safe, colourful toys, that water bowl is way too tempting to pass up. 

Why is it that we go through life wanting what we can’t have?  We want the bigger home, the designer clothes, the fast car, the massive television and in Emily’s case, the electrical cords and Jerry’s chewy toy.  I guess wanting what we can’t have pushes us to reach a little farther in life. If Emily was satisfied with the toys that were surrounding her all the time, she would never make the attempt to develop her crawling skills to make her way over to Jerry’s water bowl.  As an adult, we learn that a little extra work sometimes has big pay offs – whether at work, with your kids or to reach a personal goal.  I guess we just have to learn to scale back our goals a little so that they are attainable, or in Emily’s case, before Mom catches her.

Ha! I made it! And I even get to stick my hand in the water before Mom picks it up!
This camera case is so much better than my other toys. I wonder what's hiding in this drawer?
Are the pots in this drawer, Mom?

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