Baby Steps

Yoga Baby

Over the past few weeks, Emily has managed to successfully slither her way across a room without lifting her tummy.  She has mastered this technique and her quickening pace has shocked both myself and Jerry.  I have started to put up the baby gates and Jerry has started to keep a closer eye out for his slithering sister as she can quickly catch him and grab his toys….or his tail.   Emily has started to practice the crawling pose and some unique yoga poses as well.  Although she has not mastered the coordination of her little arms and legs yet, she is strengthening her limbs with these yoga moves in the meantime.  I have no doubt that Emily will be crawling in no time.  For now, she should teach a baby yoga class.

"The Crawl"...Emily's signature move
"The Cobra"
"Head to Knee Pose" - now that is advanced!

2 thoughts on “Yoga Baby

  1. “Slithering sister” – laugh out loud funny, and great alliteration to boot.

    Nice post and well-illustrated. I love the Cobra – she’s got that just right. Yoga baby, indeed.

    You’ll have to teach her to hold her hands in a prayer pose in front of her and say “Namaste.”

  2. Maybe one day Emily will be profiled as a highly qualified Yoga instructor on the “Yoga World Tours” website. See

    Or maybe we should be submitting Emily’s name now – LOL.

    Keep up the hard work Emily. You’ll be crawling and walking in no time. Then Mommy, Daddy and Jerry will really have to watch out.

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