Baby Steps

The Pacifier

Emily took a liking to pacifiers at a very early age.  I was hesitant to give her a pacifier at first as some people look at you in disgust because you can’t soothe your baby on your own or it’s bad for their oral development.  Once I determined that these opinions were a load of crap, I gave Emily a pacifier when she wanted it.  I just hoped that she would eventually outgrow the pacifier ……I would hate to see her walking down the aisle at her wedding with a pacifier in her mouth!  Thankfully, Emily has started to lay off the pacifier over the past few months.  However, it still is used as a last resort in the car or at bedtime. 

Today, my last resort failed me.  During our afternoon walk, Emily decided to throw her pacifier from the stroller while I was distracted with Jerry’s attempt to run away with another family (he does that from time to time….I wonder why?)  Anyway, I didn’t notice the lost pacifier until we got back to the car.  I thought we would be fine without it as the ride home would only be 10 minutes.  So, I set Emily up in her car seat with a few toys.  Seconds into our drive home, Emily angrily threw away her toys and burst into a tantrum…..the only tantrum I couldn’t control….”the pacifier tantrum.”  I started handing Emily anything that might distract her – a water bottle, empty gum pack, my wallet – she wasn’t interested.  Finally, I handed her a package of baby wipes, which kept her busy for the rest of the ride home.  Emily managed to rip out 15 baby wipes from the package, but at least it kept her happy.  Moral of the story?  Never leave home without an extra pacifier.

"The Pacifier Tantrum"
Crisis averted....

One thought on “The Pacifier

  1. “Once I determined that these opinions were a load of crap . . .” Good for you. That’s the best attitude to have toward raising your children – only you – and their dad – can best determine what’s works for you and for them. High five.

    (This of course excludes input from grandparents, who likely always know best).

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