Baby Steps

Baby’s Bad Day

One of the challenges as a Mom is trying to figure out what your baby needs and wants without verbal communication.  I thought I had Emily’s cues figured out and we were down to a pretty consistent schedule over the past couple of months.  Emily is cranky at 3pm because she should have a nap, she is fussy at 12pm because she needs her lunch, etc.  Well, today, Emily threw me a curve ball.  She would not be soothed by food, a diaper change, a nap or mom’s off-key singing.

My mind started to race….could she be teething?  Is she sick?  Is she constipated? (no….definitely not the problem!)   I couldn’t figure it out and I still haven’t.   It got me thinking – can babies have bad days like adults?  Maybe, on those not so good days, babies just don’t feel like smiling at every random stranger that approaches them (especially those strangers that refer to Emily as a boy), or they aren’t so eager to sit in a boiling hot car seat, or they aren’t so excited to play with the exact same toys day in and day out.  And maybe, Emily will be back to her old ways again tomorrow – a day with lots of smiles, laughs, and a big sigh of relief from Mom (fingers crossed!).

Blueberries....again? Can't we mix it up a little??

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