Baby Steps

Daddy’s Girl

Look at that face.  Emily is a spitting image of her dad, in my opinion.  Over the past nine months, people have commented with certainty that Emily either looks like myself or my husband.  Now, at almost 10 months old, Emily looks like her Dad.  Strangers have approached me recently while I’ve been out with Emily to tell me that she looks nothing like me.  I’m not too sure how to respond to such a comment, especially when people follow it up with “she’s so beautiful!”  

Although Emily doesn’t look like me right now, I look forward to seeing how her appearance, personality and expressions will change as time goes by.  I wonder what aspects of her personality will come from her Dad and I and what parts of her personality will be her own.  For now, I enjoy seeing her change day by day – whether it’s a few extra strands of hair on her bald head or her expanding vocabulary or her need to be on the move more and more.


One thought on “Daddy’s Girl

  1. It may be her colouring – her blue eyes, that cause people to say that. I see so much of you in her, especially her smile, her way of scrunching up her nose. Her eye shape is sometimes Daniel, sometimes you, they can look a little more almond shape at times, and at others, big and round as yours are. She willl be a very unique blend of you both, her own person for sure; a mixture of her beautiful mama and handsome daddy.

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