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SHE’s a girl

I am struggling to figure out what else I can do to help Emily look like a girl.  It is not uncommon for people, particularly men, to approach my beautiful daughter and state “What a cute little boy!”  Yes, I understand she doesn’t have a lot of hair, but doesn’t the pink “Daddy’s Little Princess” t-shirt tell you that my baby is a girl??? 

The other day, I was followed in the grocery store by an elderly gentleman who was enjoying making Emily smile.  It was cute, other than the fact that every time she smiled, he said “What a cute little boy!”  I tried correcting him a few times, but he was too taken with my “son’s” smile. 

I think that once you have a baby, you are a lot more cautious about assuming the gender of other people’s babies.  You look for clues on clothing such as flowers and trucks and when in doubt, mom’s usually ask “what’s your baby’s name?” or some other gender qualifying question to confirm whether the baby is a boy or a girl. 

All I can say is that moms shouldn’t get upset or feel offended if your baby is mistaken for the incorrect gender.  It happens to all babies and moms should accept this as a normal occurence in their baby’s journey.  Until they come out with baby hair extensions (oh god!), Emily will be subject to a few more “cute boy” comments until I can put some barrettes in her hair to match her pink shirt, flowery shoes and frilly sun hat.

Is this better? Can I be called a cute girl NOW??

One thought on “SHE’s a girl

  1. Love the picture, LOL. Now if Emily consistently wore her FROCKS, I don’t think that mistake would be made. Look on the bright side, she’s getting lots of male attention, and she’s obviously loving it, if she’s grinning back at her admirers!

    What Emily needs is a BOW in her hair. How to get it to stay in place on a (practically) bald head? I have a tip from a Mennonite Mommy Blogger – KY Jelly! See here:

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