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Reason to cancel a parking ticket

Emily had her nine month check-up yesterday at 11am.  I bought parking for 45 minutes figuring this would be enough time.  I don’t know how doctor offices book their appointments, but it seemed ten other mothers had appointments at 11am.  Needless to say, the doctor didn’t grace us with her presence until 11:30am.  The appointment was roughly 4 minutes, consisting of taking Emily’s weight, height and head measurements and then an opportunity for me to spit out any questions I could think of while the doctor inched her way out of the room.  By this time, Emily was hungry and there was no way I was going to make it home without feeding her.  Once Emily’s belly was full, we went to the car where I was greeted with a bright, yellow parking ticket issued at 11:49am….it was now 11:51am.  Are you serious??  I was feeding my baby!!!

This morning, I came across an article in the newspaper titled “That’s the ticket!  How to beat parking fines in Toronto.”  The article explained how the city has made public the accepted excuses to get out of parking tickets, appropriately called the “Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines.”  Excuses such as ignorance of parking rules, delivery trucks making deliveries or if the driver was attending worship at the time of the ticket were given as examples.  Hold on a minute… mean to tell me that somebody that is in church or synagogue or mosque or whatever other religious institute is entitled to get out of a parking ticket fine?  Does this make sense?  If it does, then how does providing the basics of food to my child sound??   Surely, you wouldn’t want me to deprive my baby of this necessary requirement.  So, that’s what I’ll do….if someone can claim ignorance or confusion or sickness, I will blame breastfeeding.   We’ll see what happens….wish me luck!

"I would definitely fight this parking ticket, Mom!"

2 thoughts on “Reason to cancel a parking ticket

  1. You can offer to bring Emily in when she is hungry to demonstrate what happens if you don’t feed her.

  2. Do it, Kate. Fight the power! Remember when you and I went to court in Ottawa over a parking ticket, armed with reasonable explanations and pictures, then found out we had made an error in where you were parked when you were actually given the ticket, and the judge knocked half off the fine anyway? (BTW, I always told you there were benefits to going to church).

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