Baby Steps

Best buds

The biggest fear that I had coming home from the hospital with Emily was how Jerry would react.  Jerry has always been so protective of me and I was concerned that he wouldn’t be so thrilled about another human being, smaller than him, being attached to me 24 hours a day.  Luckily, Jerry, although jealous at times, has grown to love Emily.  Jerry has learned that Emily is another female he needs to protect and in return Emily will do the following:

a) Throw him finger food from her high chair

b) Provide ample amounts of spit up for Jerry to clean up

c) Provide new and exciting toys that Jerry will secretly chew on

d) Laugh when Jerry barks and laugh when Mom yells at Jerry to stop barking

and finally……Mom on maternity leave = more treats and walks during the day

So, bringing home Emily turned out to be a pretty good situation for Jerry after all. 

"Hey Jerry...I'll trade you my pacifier for your chew"
Two headed monster

2 thoughts on “Best buds

  1. Jerry looks like he’s smoking a cigar in that second picture. He is such a good little guy, and it is such a gift to have a dog that you can trust with babies. He genuinely seems to be curious about and really interested in Emily and what she’s up to.

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