Baby Steps

Baby Reality

I have always tried to keep our house looking as clean and ‘adult-looking’ as possible with a baby.  I routinely put away all of the toys at the end of the day only to realize that this daily chore is a waste of time as the toys are pulled out promptly the next morning. 

For some reason, Fisher Price hasn’t created neutral-coloured and stylish toys that match the leather couch or baby gates that seem almost invisible or jolly jumpers that don’t take over the entire family room.  No, no……toys are neon, baby gates are massive and jolly jumpers take over the entire room and look like torture devices when a happy baby isn’t jumping in them.

Today, my reality was magnified with a play date consisting of 10 moms and, you guessed it, 10 babies.  Before the mommy brigade showed up, I made sure to tidy up – lining up Emily’s toys neatly around the room while still trying to make the house looks as though a baby hasn’t taken over.  As soon as the first few babies arrived, the neatly arranged toys were pulled out of their places into an explosion of colour, lights and sounds.

Tonight, I have made the decision to keep the coffee table out of the centre of the room, leave the toys so that they are visible to anyone that enters our house and keep the play mats on the floor.  Why?  Because a baby has taken over our house and there’s nothing I can do about it.  So long Pier One……hello Toys R Us.

Family Room before play date (notice Jerry)
....and after (where did Jerry go??)

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