Baby Steps

First Night Away

Last night, I experienced my first ‘baby-less’ evening since Emily was born.  We left Emily with her grandparents while Daniel and I went to a friend’s wedding.  I had no idea what to expect – how Emily would react….how I would react.  Emily has gone through a few stages of ‘mommy-itis’  – where being more than 5 feet from me resulted in screaming and crying.  Luckily, she is not in this stage right now and she had a wonderful night with her grandparents.  She did not cry once. 

I must admit, I might have had a bit of ‘Emily-itis’ last night.  I thought of her constantly, talked about her at every and any opportunity and was eager to get back to her.  But I was so happy to see her sleeping peacefully on the couch beside her grandparents when we came to pick her up.  It was such a relief to know that she was happy without us….but I wonder – did she EVER think of me?  Did she wonder if I’d come back? 

Maybe babies need a break from their parents every once in a while as well.  It gives them a chance to experience new surroundings, new ways to play and helps them to get to know other important people in their lives.  Whatever the case, I am happy that I have reached this motherhood milestone and leaving her the next time will be a little easier.

Ok, can leave. I promise I'll be fine without you!
Mom? Who's she?
Sound asleep. Who needs a crib when you have a comfy couch in front of a TV and beside Bubbie and Zaidy!

2 thoughts on “First Night Away

  1. I know how you missed her – with you and David being 23 months apart, when David decided to be independent I felt naked without a baby/toddler perched on my hip. I had been able to wear that most desirable accessory for almost four years! (Toddlers are a very convenient excuse to get away from boring conversations, as well!) You guys all look so happy, especially Emily with her Bubbe!

  2. Hopefully the next time you have a need to have her babysat, we will be able to be there for you. We are very much looking forward to living a bit closer and being able to have some one-on-one time with our granddaughter. Of course, we are also looking forward to seeing more of you and Daniel as well. LOL

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