Big Brother Blues

Over the last few days, Jerry hasn’t been acting like himself.  What’s Jerry normally like, you ask?  Well, he barks at everything and anything, he jumps around the kitchen like a maniac when I’m making a meal and he occasionally eats his own poop.  So, you’d figure I’d be happy to not see Jerry acting like himself for a few days.  Instead, Daniel and I missed Jerry’s little annoyances and we decided to bring him to the veterinarian for a check up this morning.  We were told he has a loose kneecap (don’t ask me to remember the medical term) and that every so often, he will hurt it when he’s running or jumping.   Jerry was given vitamins to help prevent arthritis and I was presented with a $300 vet bill.  Jerry made the visit memorable by peeing on the reception desk.  Luckily, Jerry Steinfeld is the most popular dog at the vet office and the receptionist didn’t seem to mind the little….or big accident.

Jerry seems to be doing a bit better this evening – he barked a bit, did a few jumps at my legs as I chopped some vegetables and may or may not have eaten some poo.  But today made me realize that Jerry is a great little dog.  Sure, he is annoying at times, but he loves his family and has welcomed Emily into ‘his house’ with open paws.  He protects her from other dogs and loves to lick the leftover food her face and hands.  I also caught him sleeping in Emily’s room this morning while Emily took her nap.  I look forward to the days when Emily will be able to play with Jerry….I’m sure Jerry does as well.

Little Jerry Steinfeld...a little under the weather today.

2 thoughts on “Big Brother Blues

  1. Aw, little Jerry Steinfeld! I hope you feel better soon. I have a bad kneecap too, and know how painful that can be. You really should cut back on that poop – I hear it can make the problem worse. 🙂

  2. Maybe he should be in rehab with Poppy Sr. and they can commiserate together about their respective knee problems. So have you checked out the cost of knee replacement surgery?

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